Hi I'm Ash, Welcome to my blog.

Since I am into all things technology its going to revolve around Computers, Cars, Xbox, iPhone.... you get the picture.

Why have I created this?

Because I want to keep all my work in one central place, it's easier to see where I have started a project and where it got to... and not to forget any fixes I come across.

I started this blog hoping that I will be able to document any tech related things I get involved with but over the last few years I have added more things about my car.

I love modifying cars! This blog gives me the chance to write down all the mods no matter how big or small they are.

I will still try to update it with general tech related projects that I do.

I'll try to keep all the valuable information included in the posts and where I can I'll include pics. I hope that this will help others that stumble across it, whether it be with a mod, hack or fix.

I hope you enjoy the read!