Thursday 10 July 2014

My Custom Macbook

I have noticed that I have been neglecting this section of my blog which needs some more content... So here are some pics of my Macbook that I bought last year and customised.

Its a Mid 2012 Macbook Pro with an i5 Processor, 4GB Ram and a 500GB hard drive.

Pretty standard and boring looking

Already got a scratch :(
One of the first things I did was upgrade the Ram to 8GB and add a SSD to get the OS to boot super fast and load apps quicker, the result is that I can get to the logon screen in 20 minutes.

Next up I wanted to protect the Mac from scratches as well as make it look sexy... I was told about a company in America that can spray Macs any colour you want but the prices are about the same as the Macbook itself so that was a no!

The Macbook designed on Colorware's website

So I started hunting around for the same kind of customisation without having to send the Mac to the US. Instead I managed to find a person who does vinyl wraps in loads of colours with precise cut outs for the ports on the Mac like USB and power, unfortunately the seller is again from the states but he does post to the UK for a fairly reasonable amount so after some emailing the seller agreed to send me out some custom coloured wraps.

A few weeks later it came through and I couldn't wait to get it all on.
I didn't grab any pictures of the installation of it, but here are the pics of the completed Macbook.

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