Friday 16 December 2011

First Mods

So I have never been great at taking lots of photos.. especially if I am busy trying to concentrate on not messing up the mod at hand. Unfortunately I managed to forget to take some pics of the first few mods I had done to the car... but lots of prep work went into finding out all the small details and making sure I had all the bits I needed to get the job done right the first time.

One of the first things I did after buying the car was to get the windows tinted out and get cruise control installed.
I felt so naked in the car with bare open plain glass, not that I was doing anything I shouldn't have but there was just too much light in the car for my liking. Plus as summer was coming it's better to have the tints on the window to block out the burning sun from tanning my right arm.
I was so used to having cruise control on all my other cars, there was no way I was going to be driving up and down the motorway to and from work with my foot planted down trying to maintain a steady 80mph. Its impossible to keep the speedo steady, a little loss of concentration and your either driving fat enough to take off or your getting overtaken by a granny! (no offence to grannies out there btw).

So the window tints were easy... went down to a place in East London (Tint My Car) who I have used on previous cars so I know that the quality will be spot on and I get a decent price there :)

Shiny windows
The cruise control retrofit needed some good research and after about a month of understanding what's involved and getting the parts together I also bought myself a Multi-Function steering wheel since I need to take off the original steering wheel to fit the cruise control parts

I was lucky to get a good condition S-Line steering wheel that matches my existing Airbag so it was a straight swap.

The Cruise install took me about an hour whilst following a guide from, I also fitted the new steering wheel and then coded it all to work on the car (I had also bought a VCDS cable so I was able to run diagnostics and change options on the car)

 At least now I could change the tracks or radio station without having to reach over to the stereo.

Also put a couple pillow like neck rests in the car to make it that little bit more comfortable :)

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