Thursday 15 December 2011

My New Audi A3

It was the 11th April 2010 and I was off to get my new Audi A3... the car was not new however, just new to me :)

I had wanted an Audi A3 for a while and since my Mk4 Golf had got written off a few months earlier in the ghastly snow I had a few extra thousands £ coming my way from the nice insurance companies.

I already made my mind up about getting a 5  door version since I was tired from having to hear complaints from family members or friends that had to crouch to get into the back of my lovely Ford Focus. There were some nice 5 door A3s I had already seen so the whole "its an estate" comment didn't bother me.

Anyway I had gone to see the car a week before I bought it and to be honest the car looked a mess!

Previous owner didnt even bother to clean it :(

This was the largest scratch I could find
Front grill cracked
Fog light grill cracked too
Rear wiper sitting the wrong way :s
Nice interior though, one of the key points in me buying it!

Although the previous owner didn't bother to get the car cleaned and the car looked like it was dragged through a field I didn't mind so much. Yes it had some minor damages but the car had potential and besides, most of the problems that I had found were going to be changed regardless of the issue. I had quite a few plans for this car ;)

So I agreed a price and went back on the 11th to collect my new baby!
The previous owner decided to clean it for me this time so I was happy to see the car with a lovely black shine!

The 100 mile journey home was a very pleasant one... one that I had with a huge smile on my face!

And finally my new Audi A3 is sitting on my drive :D
Nice and clean on the drive.

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