Sunday 23 September 2012

They Said It's Going To Be A Write Off :(

The 24th of April was a very sad day for my car...
I got a call saying the engineer has assessed the damages and may declare the car a write off

Let me explain what happened... I was driving over to Ace cafe for the monthly meet on the 24th April...

I was driving down this road...

Image pulled from Google StreetView

I was on the right lane and beside me on the middle lane there was a lorry, I was turning right at this junction...

Another StreetView Shot

I had no idea what direction the lorry was going to turn since he wasn't using his indicators.

I had already driven up to the turn and was going around it (sharp corner so no chance of speeding here) only to see an orange light to the passenger side of me (he indicates at the last minute) followed by a big blue lorry who basically felt like bullying me out of the way!

The lorry shoved my car into the kerb and then stopped, the driver jumped out of the cabin quiet confused only to follow up with "You were squeezing through" WTF!!! he had 2 passengers in the cabin who came out too and started trying to sing the drivers song. They quickly went quiet when I showed them the scratch mark on their lorry of where my mirror had started touching the side of the lorry as they turned into me. 

So this is how it looked...

Driver on right side there still a little dazed, passenger taking photos

The tyre marks from my car as he shoved me across my lane:

The amount of space left on the other side of the lorry as he cuts me up:

Passenger trying to argue his point:

Other passenger as he goes quiet after I show him the scratch across the lorry... you can see him working out what just happened... The penny drops:

My poor baby 

Car lifted off the ground as he has me pinned up:

After we had exchanged details I had to move my car... since I was being pinned up by a lorry it made sense to move mine forward to not cause any further major damage... As we tried to get my car out of this mess my bumper is caught onto his rear wheel and gets ripped off 

They did help me put it back on with the clips and screws but to be honest i need a new rear bumper now.

The Damages: 

As you can see although it does look bad the main damage is the rear quarter. Yes also the rear bumper needs replacing, but the doors can be scrubbed down and repainted. The car drives perfectly fine with no issues to the rear wheels or tracking.

Audi have quoted me over £4k to repair the car, needless to say I wont be going with them to fix it up. But I will not let my baby go easily so I will be buying her back... 

And here she is... She's Back