Sunday 23 September 2012

Stereo Upgrade - Part 2

So Pioneer released an updated Headunit which allows the use of Apps from the screen from the iPhone... me being a total geek I had to have it. So I put up my current system for sale to see what I can get for it and within a couple weeks I had a buyer that basically funded the new system.

Old Pioneer HeadUnit

The new Pioneer unit is the AVH-8400BT which has a better screen (HD) and also includes a built-in Parrot Bluetooth which allows the playback of music from a phone as well as calls through the car speakers, that combined with the other great specs that always come with Pioneer units just made me have to get it.

So I bought it and fitted it all in, along with the existing reverse camera I had and here is what it looks like:

Lovely New Unit


The Graphics Equaliser

Reversing Camera

Now I never really liked how it stuck out when I had the last unit in so I thought up a way to get it to sit more flush
Sticks out a bit

As I already had the adjustable cage I got to work filing down the trim and ended up with this:

Looking Much Better

I'm really impressed with this stereo, especially how it can display apps from the iPhone.

Apple's WWDC streaming from iPhone to Pioneer HeadUnit

WWDC In Action
Checking The Fuel Economy With Dash Command For iPhone
Dash Command In Action

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